12 can pack

230,00 د.إ

A set of 12-can pack of your choice.

berries can

Fruity, playful, elevating.

elderflower can

Aromatic, soft, flowery.

ginger lemon can

A limited edition flavor right now.

lavender rosemary can

Calm and relaxing.

lime mint can

Tonic-like and refreshing.

yuzu chilli can

Citrusy, with a kick.

Sip, savor, and enjoy the delightful flavors you love while reaping the gut-boosting benefits of kombucha. Start crafting your ideal 12-pack kombucha selection now and elevate your kombucha journey like never before!


Each 250ml, sugar <5g/100ml


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12 can pack
230,00 د.إ