Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Kombucha is fermented tea, brewed using a blend of tea, water, sugar and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). It’s produced with the help of good bacteria which create organic acids – primarily acetic acid. These ingredients are left to ferment in a warm environment for a period of time leaving you with a delicious, refreshing and nutrient dense soft drink. In recent years it’s become a staple beverage in the Western wellness world where it is now brewed as a complex soft drink / alcohol alternative. Kombucha is sophisticated – like champagne without alcohol.

What is YALA kombucha?

YALA Kombucha is a kombucha brewery established in 2022 with a mission to elevate healthy lifestyle, and add variety to social drinking. Our man values are 1) quality – we pick every ingredient with care and seek best customer experience; 2) diversity – we cater for different customer needs with distinct flavors; 3) innovation – we continuously work on new seasonal flavors as well as ways to consume kombucha, and 4) a community – we aim to build a kombucha family, by giving people a platform to drink and socialize while drinking kombucha.

What are the benefits of kombucha?

It’s low in sugar, which is largely consumed during the fermentation process resulting in organic acids. It therefore helps to control blood sugar levels. It has a healthy dose of Vitamin B complex which helps boost energy.YALA team produces premium craft/artisanal kombucha with hand picked ingredients, natural and mostly organic, creating a better alternative to any soft drink as each ingredient has benefits of its own. E.g. Tea is full of antioxidants. Kombucha contains bacteria and acids which help you to digest food thus reducing bloating and heaviness after a meal. Lastly, kombucha is very refreshing and with low sugar it’s a great thirst quencher after a sweaty workout.

How should I keep kombucha?

Once you open kombucha, it should be consumed within 2 days, as long as kept in the fridge after opening. It must be kept in the fridge (<5 degrees) at all times. If you have a short (30-45min) travel time, it’s ok to put it back in the fridge right after. Otherwise use an ice pack and ice bags.

How much sugar does kombucha have?

100ml of YALA kombucha has less than 5g of sugar. So the whole bottle has only just below 10g. By comparison, it is less than half a medium apple. It is 3 times less than a similar size Coke bottle and 3-4 times less than a same size glass of orange juice or a medium size banana.

Does kombucha expire?

Kombucha effectively does not expire, it only slowly continues to ferment over time and turns more acidic, like vinegar. An old kombucha can be used as a vinegar for dressing! But as a drink for the best flavor, our recommendation is to consume within a month of bottling.

Is kombucha alcoholic?

Kombucha can be made differently. At YALA, we produce a fully non-alcoholic version of kombucha. The trace alcohol levels are fully within Islamic standards and halal – not more than in a ripe fruit. We have achieved this with a certain proprietary process, and we have an in-house lab to measure and maintain consistency across batches.

What are the risks?

Like any food, kombucha may be a source of allergy: read carefully the ingredients. Otherwise there are no scientifically proven risks. Even though pregnant mothers may be warned to be cautious and discuss with their doctor, the founder Aurelija drank kombucha throughout her 2 pregnancies and it aided digestion rather than created trouble.